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Why we are building LANDRYT and the overdue solution we are trying to innovate on.

Published by Chenicherry Kandambeth Girish on
Why we are building LANDRYT and the overdue solution we are trying to innovate on.

The average Indian household holds 84% of its wealth in real estate*. There is an another equally staggering metric when it comes to property and land in India. This one in the judicial arena.

“66.2% of all civil cases are also related to real estate**”.

What this means is, for a far majority of our nation's household, financial security depends squarely on our courts' ability to resolve approximately 2,31,70,000 cases. Certainly not an inspiring picture. In addition to poor quality of records, cases and complaints of forgery, fraud, and misconduct are common.

This makes the due diligence process one of the most important exercise in any real estate transaction.

From decoding centuries old documents written by Parsi lawyers in Victorian English to discovering ingenious new ways of how agents try to defraud, the entire exercise is an exciting challenge. However, lawyers still need to deal with the myriad of paperwork.

Ask any lawyer who has worked in land and property due diligence. The sheer exhilaration of the investigative work can only be matched by the excruciating logistical challenges of coordinating and getting the required documents.


We started building LANDRYT with a singular objective of leveraging technology to democratize land rights and transfers. This challenge has the biggest impact in terms of sheer number of citizens it affects. Our goal is to make the entire legal process for property ownership simple, transparent and affordable.

Building on our initial traction, we are looking to collaborate with lawyers and legal professionals to understand better their challenges in the property due diligence space as it operates today.

We are looking to engage with legal professionals who has or is working in

• In-house legal team in real estate / family offices
• Legal team in Banking and NBFC providing home loans
• Law firms with focused real estate practices
• Or in general have legal experience working in real estate space

If you are interested to have forward-looking conversation on legal tech and how technology can fundamentally change the way you work every day or just want to enjoy a coffee at the local CCD ( the bill is on us), drop us an email at or call us at 9845011453 /9543270365

  • *
  • **Daksh Access to Justice Survey

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